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This inviting container studio home includes all the amenities needed for a tight living space. The design incorporates one 8’-0” wide x 40’-0 long x 9’-6” shipping container and comes with a full kitchen, bath, dining, and sleeping chamber. It also has a small stackable washer and dryer, outside deck along with photovoltaic panels with an option of a battery backup system allowing this 320 square foot home to tie into the grid or use excess energy at night.


The  design is a perfect solution for adding a detached living structure to an existing property for either visiting guests  or as a rental Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), and at a a price that is much less than conventional construction solutions for buildings of equal size  with similar features.


Shown in the renderings above is the unit fully complete with all interior built-in furniture. However, there is some flexibility with this design, so it may be tailored to match the end users’ specific needs and preferences.




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