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Napa and Sonoma Counties were at the epicenter during the devastating wildfires that occurred over the last two years in Northern California. These fires cost the State an estimated 160 million dollars in damage by scorching 259,823 acres of land and leaving hundreds homeless in addition to causing 5 fatalities.

Some of these affected property owners left to seek a new life elsewhere, while others would rebuild to start a new chapter in their lives.  Resulting from the purchase of one of these fire ravaged properties, a developer  asked us to prepare a design for a  new contemporary home along with other outbuildings  that would openly embrace the existing rural features of the site and capture the informal  and casual lifestyle that is so associated with the Napa Wine Country.

We were given a general and unstructured design program of various features and amenities the developer wanted included in the home, but at the same time allowing us the freedom to develop the architectural style, design, and floor layout for the new home in addition to the other buildings and structures on the 4 acre property.


This project’s features include a 5,490 square foot main house with attached 780 square foot three-car garage, infinity pool with 940 square foot pool pavilion, a detached 1,200 square foot caretaker's cottage, and a 900 square foot vineyard equipment storage barn.

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